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...Cynical, irreverent, often hilarious
and always insightful...Walks Along The Pier

Newly Released eBook

From the cover:

Doug, a ‘burned out’ and disillusioned psychotherapist, seeks serenity, peace and self-awareness by walking his favorite pier in order to sort out his painful experiences and make sense of his life.  While on his walks, he is approached by unsolicited clients who seek his help.

Walks Along the Pier is a series of fictional psychological case studies in the literary tradition of Linder, Viscott, Sigmund Freud and many others.  Cynical, irreverent, often hilarious and always insightful, Walks Along the Pier examines issues of life and death, relationships, mother/fatherhood, parenting, incest, abortion, homosexuality and marriage as well as the ultimate existential question of the meaning of life.

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