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It’s about change.
My clients don’t call me because they are happy and satisfied with their lives the way they are.  My clients call because they want something different – something better than what they currently have or are experiencing.
If your relationships don’t make you happy, if you are dissatisfied with your employment or other aspects of your life, if you are depressed or anxious, you might consider seeking counseling assistance.

If you would like someone to discuss your issues with and help you locate your own strengths and/or direction in life, you might consider seeking counseling assistance.

The objective is to help you reach your goals, to help you be happier, more successful and to enjoy your life to the fullest.


I lead a busy life.  Most of the people I know lead busy lives.  My clients are busy as well.

Many times in the past clients have had to cancel in-person sessions due to obligations at work or with families.  As a means of keeping the work going, I have agreed to speak to these clients on the phone.  And I have discovered after years of doing this that telephone counseling works just as well as in-person work.  The results are the same and often better because of the anonymity; clients often feel more comfortable exploring difficult or intimate issues over the telephone rather than in-person.

In addition, it is much easier to schedule sessions because it eliminates travel time.  And this eliminates gas expenses, parking and rushing to the appointment.  In some cases it is also safer because late evening sessions can be held by the client from the safety of home or office.

It also allows the counselor to work with people at greater distances.  I have held many sessions across the country via telephone and with people I have never met in person.  And it allows the counselor to hold sessions at times that people would not normally be able to make appointments.  For this reason, I am able to offer reduced rates.

We live in a communication age in which more and more of our activities are taking place over the internet and on the telephone.  Internet counseling is possible and can be arranged.  But it is a slower process and further removes both client and counselor from a ‘human’ connection.  Telephone counseling offers the intimacy of speaking to a real person with the convenience of modern communication methods.  I believe that in the future more counseling will be conducted in this way than face-to-face and in-person.  Telephone counseling fits our era, our communication methods and our busy life styles.

And the sessions can be anonymous if you prefer.  You don’t have to give your real name or location.  This allows you more privacy and protection if you should want this.

To summarize: telephone counseling is easy and convenient.  You don’t have to travel to and from an appointment which saves you time and money.  You can stay in the comfort of your home or office – or in your car or on vacation or anywhere you like.  Telephone counseling provides privacy and anonymity.  Sessions can be held at times that more readily fit your schedule.  Telephone counseling can be as effective as in-person counseling.  And it is less expensive than an in-person office appointment.


Counseling is all about relationship.  You have to feel comfortable with a counselor in order to share your difficulties and private issues.
Professional counselors know this.  That is why they often offer one session without charge which allows you to meet and to decide which counselor you want to work with.

Of course you want a qualified person – which is the reason licensed counselors are recommended more often than non-licensed people.  You ‘get what you pay for.’

I offer my prospective clients one session without charge.  If the person decides to continue working with me, he or she can then pay for the next session and we will continue.  If the person decides to not continue, there is no charge.



James A Stump

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