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From the cover:

Shamarla is a riveting story of an incident in the life of a psychotherapist – an event which snowballs and shakes the very foundations of her being and the life she has built.  She will never be the same person again and, once you’ve read it, neither will you.
An excerpt…

I had the notion that what I heard was the last breath of an innocent who no longer had the strength to protest.  Damn the rats, I thought as I threw open the lid.  My suspicion had not been wrong.  Before my eyes – that were adjusting to the shadows in the dumpster – lay a baby nestled in a cardboard box.  A box that had been settled on top of the other debris in such a way that suggested care, concern, and a type of lamenting love for what could not be.

She was a porcelain goddess too perfect for this life.  Too perfect, too fragile, too ethereal to survive on this harsh human plane.

Then from some atavistic knowledge I took a breath and offered it to her.  I took the air into my lungs, warmed it with my blood, mixed it with the molecules of my being and offered it to her: I blew gently into her mouth.

“Come on, little one,” I whispered.  “You know how to do this.  Expand your lungs.  Take the air.”

She didn’t move.  But I had the feeling, the knowing, that she wanted to.

“I won’t hurt you,” I promised her, so quietly I could barely hear the words myself.  “I’ll take care of you.”  A second time, I passed the breath to her.
No response.

But I was convinced this was going to happen.  No ‘God’ would do this to either one of us, put us this close together just to torment and tease us.

“I didn’t create the air, honey,” I told her.  “It’s God’s gift to you.  It’s life!  And it’s yours!  But you’ve got to take it!  Come on, baby!  Breathe!”

As any psychotherapist will tell you, the essence of life is change and when Shamarla - the ‘Goddess of New Life’ - enters, she spreads love and grace on everyone in her wake.  No one is exempt.


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