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Dirty Little Secrets 2

Newly Released eBook

From the cover:

This little book answers all of the ‘frequently asked questions’ about counseling in a humorous and ‘reader friendly’ way. It is available in both print and e-book versions from The following is an excerpt. “Successful therapy flows like a movie script in that while a script has three acts, psychotherapy has three ‘phases’. In a movie script, the main characters (MC) are peacefully going along minding their own business until their life is disrupted by forces outside of their control. Not having enough knowledge or resources to deal with the problem, the MCs ‘run for their lives’ and/or seek help. When the MCs have learned enough about the problem and have ‘had enough of running away’, the ‘worm turns’ and they begin to fight back. Eventually our ‘heroes’ and the dilemma clash in some kind of a ‘great battle’ in which hopefully the ‘good guys’ win and life returns to the peace and serenity from which it began. But all is not the same. Our characters have been dramatically changed by the experience: hopefully, they are morally stronger and significantly wiser. And what have they learned?” Perhaps some of the secrets that their therapist would have taught them.

Look for this in paperback and ebook wherever books are sold.

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